Public Speaking, Coaching, Media training

Media does not exist to be loved or hated. They exist to communicate

  • You want to talk to the media? First think about your message. Is it really important?
  • Once you are invited, prepare youself. One can not make a first impression for the second time.
  • Each media has its own characteristics. Know them well.
  • Use the Inverted pyramid principle.
  • Answer in one minute or less.
  • Know how to answer awkward questions.
  • Body language and styling.
  • Use an Autocue if you need it..
  • How to talk to media when the crises hit

Nobody is Perfect and There is no Need to be

  • Even proffesional actors experience nervousness on stage. Do not Afraid. Act.
  • Know your audience well. Speak to it. What matter is them. Not you.
  • Biuld Frame. Give Vision. Show Passion.
  • Be yourself. Be a real person. Show your personality.
  • Grab and hold the audience’s attention.
  • Master your body language.
  • Consider you are talking live or online.
  • Do not Read. Eye Contact is as Important as Speech.
  • Watch for Feedback. Stay flexible.
  • Starting the communication process from point A, do not forget to reach Point B.

Individual trainings and assistance in public communication

  • What is the challenge you have to work out
  • What skills you need to upgrade
  • How to present yourself best
  • How to prepare great speech
  • How to prepare for an interview, pressconference, etc.